Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the humanity in what manner they desire. Some segments of the society need basic necessities of life which they lack by what so ever the reason. Al-Noor Welfare International Trust shall joint hands to provide them with basic amenities of life like food, shelter, education, healthcare and safe drinking water. Some segments need support to break free the vicious circle of poverty. They need support in the form of micro financing, independent source of income generation, technical education and skills and it includes temporary financial communities require assistance in community welfare projects like construction of Mosques slice of our welfare activities shall consist of helping the sufferers of natural calamities to bring out them from these poor conditions and enable them to start their routine life.

The end result of all out activities shall be to create a prosperous, balanced and value based society having all its components satisfied with their basic and extended necessities of life they entitle to be met with dignity.

Core Values

Compassion We care the people with empathy and do it with sense of responsibility.
Commitment We do our best for the deliverance of the projects for which we have committed.
Confidence We make it assured to attain and maintain the level of confidence of our valued donors, supporters and beneficiaries.
Consistency We are consistent in our performance and with our vision and mission.
Transparency We promote the culture of transparency and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
Quality We assure quality in all our activities and always strive for excellence.
Passion We put our hearts and mind in the work to the result best!