Mosque Projects

The holy prophet (PBUH) said:

“For one who builds a Mosque for Allah where Allah is remembered, Allah will build a house in Paradise for him” (Muslim and Nisai)

The importance of mosque for a Muslim society cannot be overlooked. It is the basic unit of Islamic society and center for solace (especially in times of crises), worship, social and cultural activities. It is a source of inspiration for Muslims, promotes brotherhood among them, and serves as a center of teaching and learning and a center of community welfare as well. Allah almighty has promised to bless the homes of those who build his house. Our prophet started the construction of mosques at first priority after Hijrah to Madina Munawwarah. In all the ages of Islamic history, special importance was given to the construction of mosques and to their roles in society.

Al-Noor Welfare International Trust has a glorious history of constructing mosques all over Pakistan. It has received a number of merit certificates in this area of specialization, from local and abroad both.

Al-Noor Welfare International Trust believes in smart construction plane, partnership with local community. Hiring of technical and professional team, quality conscious work and in time project delivery. During last seven years, Al-Noor Welfare constructed and rehabilitated hundreds of mosques in various parts of the country especially in the rural areas. The majority of these mosques are utilized to provide informal education to children (boys & girls) in the form of “Maktab School”.

It has completed the projects of 50 mosques so far, Al-Hamdulillah. An estimated number of one million people have been benefiting from these projects.

Further 1000 mosques are in pipeline which shall be constructed during coming year, out of which 150 are under process now.

Al-Noor Welfare International Trust make it assured that the community has contributed its own share in terms of resources to promote the sense of ownership after the project has been completed leaving no space for individuals to misuse it. The project model is very simple. Land is provided by the local community and construction is undertaken by AL-NOOR Welfare. After the completion of projects, the local community takes the charge of administration and Al-Noor Welfare International Trust has no direct influence on it. A committee is formed to run the affairs of mosques from local community.

Al-Noor Welfare International Trust also provided support in repairs and maintenance in some cases. the selection of place for Mosque construction is based on extensive survey recommendation of company officials and renowned Islamic Scholars. After approval of the project from Donor agency, the construction is started. It takes hardly 60 days to the efficient team of Al-Noor Welfare to complete and deliver the project, based on measurable targets.